We have received this COVID-19 Update from Squash SA

To Venue owners, managers and Squash Clubs

The Government has announced that indoor sports can open for training as of Monday 1st June under certain conditions.

All Venue Operators and Clubs must go to sa.gov.au and complete the COVID-Safe Plan via the template on their website (click on the ‘learn more’ section of the COVID-19 portal or click on this COVID-Safe Plan link). This is a relatively easy form to fill out and at the end of the process you are able to download both a copy of your COVID-Safe Plan and your COVID-Safe Record of Completion.

All the compliance protocols and obligations for your venue are detailed in the COVID-Safe Plan. You will need to have these documents at your venue at all times for State Compliance Officers to sight if they visit.

If your venue is managed by a third party or is Council owned you will need to liaise with them to ensure you are complying with all of their requirements as well.  We are aware that some Council controlled venues that have Squash Courts will not be opening until after the long weekend on Tuesday June 9th.

If any Venue Owner, Operator or Club official wishes to have assistance with their plans or other resources, or wants any other information please feel free to ring Geoff Baynes on 0411 844 114.

Also below is the most recent information we have received from the ORSR. We are endeavouring to maintain regular contact with the Office for Recreation and Sport and as we receive any new information, we will pass that on to you immediately.

Geoff Baynes

Squash SA